Webinar: How Universities can Reduce Maintenance Costs Protecting Their Structures

Reinforced concrete is one of the most utilized building materials in the world. But for concrete structures to meet or exceed their full design life, they must be properly protected from the weather and other corrosive elements — which are working every day to shorten that lifespan. And most of the waterproofing options available to architects and engineers involve materials that are specifically designed to provide only ‘short-term’ protection of 5–10 years.

In this webinar, you will:

Understand why you no longer need to waterproof concrete structures over and over again;
Learn how Alchemco’s faster application rate minimizes the disruption time caused by waterproofing projects;
Realize the advantages of what an “integral” waterproofing system provides versus a coating;
Recognize the value of using a safe and environmentally friendly product (e.g., no VOCs and drinking water approved) with a proven 40+-year global track record in the field;
Learn how to perform more jobs with minimal smaller crews.

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